2017 HOLIDAY Market Guidebook Advertising

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The Street Team is bundling the 2017 Saturday Market Guidebooks today and passing out the Holiday Market Guidebook information with them tomorrow at market.  It’s hard to believe we’re already starting on Holiday Market!  That said, here’s everything you need to know:

Ad Payment is due 5 August

Completed Ad is due 24 August



If you are a market member and would like to advertise in the new 2017 HOLIDAY Market Guidebook the following information will help you get started.

The first batch of guidebooks will be released mid-October, just in time to share with our Saturday Market customers on the Park Blocks to get them excited about the Holiday Market.

Please print the Ad Form (link below) and submit it to the information booth or the Saturday Market office by 5 August 2017.

2017 HOLIDAY Market Guidebook Advertising Form Link

Saturday Market mailing address is:  30 E. Broadway #124, Eugene, OR 97401

Submit Completed Ads to:

Heather Robbins-Hinton at earnestefforts@msn.com

Visit our blog page titled:  CREATING A GUIDEBOOK AD for everything from ad specs to folks you can pay to create an ad for you.


Current Street Team Members:

Kelly Durian, Melissa Garcia-Parry, Nome May, Sarah O’Grady, Jaccalyn Korv, and Heather Robbins-Hinton

The Street Team is made up of volunteer ‘members promoting members’

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